West Felpham Flood Action Assembly – WFFAA

Preventing flooding in Felpham

Practical Help

This section is for practical help with flooding. I.E. documents and information from various agencies – Environment Agency, Southern Water, Flood Forum etc. For example here is a document from the University of Manchester regarding their Six steps to navigate the process of installing flood resilience/protection measures.

This guidance has been written by researchers at The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University in collaboration with the Building Research Establishment. Below are the main headings in the document.

STEP 1: Understanding the Risk

STEP 2: Planning – First Considerations

STEP 3: The Property Survey

STEP 4: Product Supply

STEP 5: Product Installation

STEP 6: Operation and Maintenance

Please refer to it as White, I., O’Hare, P., Lawson, N., Garvin, S., and Connelly, A. 2013. Six Steps to Property Level Flood Resilience – Guidance for Property Owners. Manchester, UK. ISBN: 978-1-905469-82-6

Homeowners Guide to Flood resilience. A Living Document

This is a useful guide to help you reduce the risk of flooding. Chichester is even mentioned on page 48.


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