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WFFAA calls for a Surface Water Management Plan for Felpham

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Here is the copy of a letter sent to the Drainage Strategy Team Leader, Mr Kevin Macknay of West Sussex County Council calling for our own Surface Water Management Plan for Felpham.


Kevin Macknay
Drainage Strategy Team Leader,
West Sussex County Council

9th May 2014

Dear Kevin

Surface Water Management Plan for Felpham

It was good to see you again at WFFAA’s Multi-Agency Meeting (MAM) last Tuesday (29th April). We appreciate your continued support in the fight against flooding.

You will recall that at our meeting we discussed Surface Water Management Plans (SWMP). We understand that you are working on a SWMP for the Lidsey catchment area and that the Environment Agency are working on a management strategy for the Barnham and Aldingbourne Rifes but that neither of these includes Felpham.

Felpham as you know suffers badly from surface water flooding and it is clear to WFFAA that this area also needs a SWMP. At our meeting we promised to write to you to formally request that West Sussex County Council compile a SWMP for the Felpham area, hence this letter.

We understand that you may not be able to begin work on this immediately as resources are currently tied up on the Lidsey SWMP but we would appreciate your confirmation that a SWMP for Felpham will be completed; together with an indication of the timetable for commencement and completion of the work on this plan.

As always WFFAA is ready to help in any way that we can.

I have copied this letter to all attendees of the MAM; and because of the relationship between the draft Felpham Neighbourhood Plan and the SWMP for Felpham this letter is also copied to Felpham Parish Council.

Best wishes,

J Smeaton

Jane Smeaton



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