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Ley Road Ditch News

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We sent the person responsible for the Ley Road Ditch, Mrs Jacqui Shilton, this letter early on in April asking some relevant questions for which we are waiting for a reply.

Dear Ms Shilton

Ley Road Ditch

I am writing to you on behalf of the West Felpham Flood Action Assembly (WFFAA) to congratulate you on your work to clear the drainage ditch that runs behind the houses in Ley Road.

As you will know, since 2012 in particular, Felpham residents have been very concerned that blocked ditches increase the risk of flooding and exacerbate any flooding events. We welcome your work to help protect those houses in Ley Road from any unnecessary flooding.

However we understand that your work on this ditch is not yet complete as the following remain to be done:

  1. Removing any pinch points by widening the ditch behind numbers 31 to 35 Ley Road.
  2. Sloping/profiling of the banks of the ditch behind numbers 31 to 35 Ley Road to reduce the risk of collapse.
  3. Where the public surface water sewer connects to the ditch from Ley Road (on the boundary of nos. 35/37) at a low level i.e. lower than the ditch bed/downstream culvert, then a sump needs to be constructed at this point in order for the pipe to discharge effectively. The sump details would need to be agreed with Arun District Council (ADC) and silt removal from the sump would need to be included in your annual maintenance programme.


WFFAA would like to be able to reassure residents that these issues will be resolved without delay so it would be helpful if you could let us know when you intend to complete this work? Paul Cann (ADC) has advised us on the technical requirements and he is happy to discuss these works with you if you would find that helpful.

WFFAA has also had reports from Ley Road residents who are concerned about the wooden gates at the Felpham Way entrance to this ditch. These gates, we are told, have been vandalised and left open allowing access to the rear gardens of the houses. Residents are concerned that this presents a security risk; could you please let us know what your plans are to address this risk?

It would also be helpful if you could confirm that you will be undertaking annual maintenance to this ditch to ensure the free flow of water continues?

As you may know WFFAA has a website (wffaa.wordpress.com) and produces regular Newsletters for the Felpham area. We will publicise through this media the information we already hold about the Ley Road ditch and we would be happy to also include information on your future plans.

Yours sincerely

J Smeaton

(By e mail)

Jane Smeaton



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