West Felpham Flood Action Assembly – WFFAA

Preventing flooding in Felpham

WFFAA Open Afternoon – 21 September

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WFFAA will be holding an Open Afternoon on Saturday 21st September at the St Mary’s Centre, Felpham between 1.30pm and 4.30pm. Please come along and see what we have done and what we are planning to do. We will have a display of maps and photographs and will show how much progress we have made in the past year since the floods. Free publications, dealing with flood issues, produced by various Government and other agencies, will be available.

There will also be information on how property can be protected against flooding. Minimising the impact of floodwater is known as “Flood Resilience” and is considered at the initial design or building renovation stage. “Property Level Protection” can help to reduce the effects of flooding on older properties. Various official organisations are now encouraging homeowners to investigate whether the installation of some protection equipment would reduce the chances of being flooded in future. Examples of such protection are air brick covers, automatic flood proof air bricks, flood proof doors, water proofing sealants for exterior walls and free standing temporary flood barriers and these examples will be available to see at the event.


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