West Felpham Flood Action Assembly – WFFAA

Preventing flooding in Felpham



West Felpham Flood Action Assembly (WFFAA)

WFFAA was founded in response to the flooding in Felpham on 11th June 2012. WFFAA is a community group founded by and run by volunteers. The aims of the group are:

  1. To identify the causes of flooding in West Felpham.
  2. To identify the actions needed to prevent further flooding and to work in partnership to ensure those actions are taken.
  3. To liaise with other Flood Action groups in the area to pool resources and expertise.
  4. To provide a support network for residents who have suffered from flooding.

WFFAA operates through a working Committee of volunteers. It is formally constituted and can be contacted through this site, or via e-mail. WFFAA is affiliated to the National Flood Forum which is a national charity dedicated to supporting and representing communities and individuals at risk of flooding.

Since it’s inception WFFAA has been working to raise it’s profile within the Felpham community and has had publicity in the local press. Many people in Felpham are aware of us and many support us but the greater our numbers the greater the influence we can have.

WFFAA aims to work with those agencies and authorities, who are currently investigating the flooding and on whom we will rely to take the action necessary to prevent future flooding. We understand that many people are upset and angry about the flooding – indeed some of the WFFAA Committee have had to leave their homes for months as a result of the flooding – but our focus is to identify what happened and work to ensure it doesn’t happen again. WFFAA aims to position itself as a conduit between the community; and those agencies and authorities, to do this WFFAA must be able to represent the community so we need your help. Please join us (it’s free!) and swell our numbers. We will help you to make your views known and we will keep you updated on actions being taken, both by WFFAA and as part of the ongoing investigation.

A Felpham residents flooded rear garden.


Email: WestFelphamFlood@aol.com

7 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Well done for setting up this committee. Something needs to be done to stop the flooding we experienced in Felpham from happening again.

  2. Congratulations on all you’re doing to push this forward – and congratulations on the website as well, really good looking and informative.

  3. Website is great and well done for setting it up
    Bernadette Matthews

  4. Thanks for your efforts, addressing an issue that is a major concern for the local community.

  5. The drains in my road are over 60 years old,yet the council think its more important to take down the old streetlights and replace them with new ones,instead of modernising the drain system first,thats as if ever thats going to be done
    John Constable

  6. Good luck in your endevours. Are Southern Water rearranging the meeting?
    Were the owner(s) of any water drainage ditches that may not be maintained invited and attended? If people who may be effected by the ditches not being maintained (if that is the case), inform their insurance companies of this, would it encourage their regular and proper maintenance by the owners?

    • Hello Roger, Thank you for your comments. At the moment we are hoping that Southern Water do come to the 2nd multi-agency meeting on the 13th December but they do seem to be avoiding us! Regarding ditches this is something we are looking into as a lot of them need investigating.

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